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July 15 2017

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We really love our Moomins here. A Moomin livery on the Finnair MD-11 plane that flew Helsinki-Tokyo route in the past.

July 10 2015

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When all the berries are on sale 😍

The best. 

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this is beautiful because it could mean anything. its like they have left you to finish off the sentence for yourself. it could be “let her know right now that she’s beautiful, that you love her, that you cheated, that you have cancer or that you are depressed, but there is one definite meaning to this and its: let her know right now before its too late, before you hurt her even more (if its bad), before its the wrong time and she doesn’t feel the same way (if its an emotion). that is why this is my absolute favourite picture on tumblr 

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June 30 2015

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June 21 2015

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El Born, Barcelona 

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